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Insight about the establishment of Sicura Creations

My Story

I am a twenty one year old full time college student attending college in New York City. I was thrilled to begin my journey at my dream school in my favorite city. Living in NYC is an amazing experience, though it can be scary. Every day, I would leave my dorm and walk to get food, get something that I would need, or just go for a walk. I was constantly getting approached whether it was by a homeless person, a man cat calling me on the street or from their car, or someone yelling at me because I would not talk to them. My worst experience happened when I was walking to Dunkin Donuts and a man asked me if I could buy him baby food. Meanwhile, there was no baby with him. Since I was so new to the area, I did not know of any place to get baby food for him. Once I told him I could not help him, he began screaming at me and I simply walked away hoping he did not chase me. Now, what if he did chase me? I had nothing to protect myself.

The stories that we hear about women are real. We have no idea would could happen to us. My experience living in NYC and hearing real stories on the news is the reason why Sicura Creations was founded by Amanda Stewart in December of 2020. We should not have to live in fear about our safety from simply stepping outside. I created my products to give women, or men- a peace of mind. I received stories from customers saying that my products have saved their life, and to me, my mission has been complete.